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CRazy Week of work and wonderful art from the readers of A and I mag

As you can see I do not write very much here thats not because I do not want to but because I am busy!!!!
This week has been more than mad it's been insane, two new customers wanted last minute work done for them but wait a moment, 45 frames and mounts for one 36 frames and double window mounts for the other!!!!!!!!! all by today Monday the 9th.
Well I worked just under 100 hours last week, no Trade Unions for the Self Employed,
thank God.So things are really picking up its like it used to be in the !990's lets hope it lasts :)

multiple frames for customer.

This is the second order 36 white frames with double window mounts for CBRE Residential Estate Agents W1 London.
All framed and delivered on time and to budget !!!