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Framing in the 21st century

The world of picture framing is a strange and different thing from most types of work, so many customers ask to see the workshop, the wood mouldings the machinery and are amazed that so much can be done in a small workshop. Many people sit at screens using computers to do work, when they watch me create a frame or a mount using my hands
and eyes to create something beautiful they are always impressed. Here are some recent frames I have made.

Partnership with US Co Rock Paper Photo.

Staffords Gallery is pleased to announce that we have been made the official UK partner for American Company Rock Paper Photo, framing to Conservation level Signed Limited Edition Silver Gelatin Prints of the most Iconic Rock and Pop Stars and many other Celebrities.

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

Its that time of year again and so I will give some advice, if you are entering the Summer Exhibition do not leave the framing till the last moment or you may not get it done. Many framers have a ten day lead in time and to jump the queue so to speak will cost you dearly. Staffords Gallery has been framing for this and many other exhibitions for years so we know the rules. We are taking framing orders now
so if you need something framed get in touch NOW.

CRazy Week of work and wonderful art from the readers of A and I mag

As you can see I do not write very much here thats not because I do not want to but because I am busy!!!!
This week has been more than mad it's been insane, two new customers wanted last minute work done for them but wait a moment, 45 frames and mounts for one 36 frames and double window mounts for the other!!!!!!!!! all by today Monday the 9th.
Well I worked just under 100 hours last week, no Trade Unions for the Self Employed,
thank God.So things are really picking up its like it used to be in the !

New customers and new friends.

well I was never certain that the web or facebook were going to work for a traditional business like an Art Gallery and framers but it seems they may actually be working.
It is sometimes difficult to know how a new customer finds you, but if they say, I found you on Google or the net, end of problem. Some customers never say and we never push people, we never invade a customers privacy. So if you need a discrete framer you know where to come. thanks  for reading.

More work and more work.

I do not normally Blog that much my work speaks for itself.
However I really should shout about the work I do, how else would people know that we are the cheapest and the best framers in Central London.
Why would so many prestigious companies, organisations,charities and plain simple ordinary folk come to me to us?
The answer is we give the best value for money for any Professional framers in London perhaps even in the South East.
If you doubt me just come along and see the purchase orders and paid invoices, I dare you.

Busy busy week.

For those that know, you will be aware that the website and Facebook are all new to us and we have been learning what is right and proper to post , blog etc.

So this has been a very busy week perhaps the busiest of the year so far.
New customers and opportunities have appeared to us and we are looking forward with renewed hope to the rest of the year. thank you to all who have supported us.

Olympic Artist Marc Ahr prints back in stock.

They are back at last, the Official Olympic Artist Marc Ahr has dropped off a few of the original signed Olympic Opening Ceremony Prints. These are the full size print 98.5 x 37.5 cms on heavy paper not inkjet prints.We only have a few and they are at the original price of £49.99 each plus Pand P.

Olympic Opening Ceremony signed lithograph TO BE FRAMED

The opening ceremony print.Signed by Marc Ahr.



Wednesday Blog 24th april

I am new to blogs as you have probably guessed and therefore slow at making them but as someone once said if its worth saying its worth taking time about.

I have had a very busy week, 8 Cibachrome prints to Museum standard framing for an exhibition in May, a family tree multiple photos and text boxes plus an actual Family Tree all in one frame. Antique maps and Prints plus 7 film posters from a film finance company and the usual bits and bobs that a Local framer does.Late job Rugby shirt and Theater poster for Friday.

Busy Weekend

We had a busy weekend, rush work for the wonderful Royal Opera House for Monday morning and even on Sunday, yes were open 3 walk ins and 2 regular customers.
why not visit the facebook page, staffords gallery bespoke artisan framers

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Framing in the 21st century
Partnership with US Co Rock Paper Photo.
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.
CRazy Week of work and wonderful art from the readers of A and I mag
New customers and new friends.


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Olympic Prints by Marc Ahr
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