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Picture Framing Guide.

As an introduction to Framing, why do we frame pictures.

Framing a picture no matter what the media completes the work, making presentable and often turning something plain or ordinary into something beautiful to be cherished.

Choice of Frame, after many years framing I know that to see the picture frame moulding up against the Art work or object to be framed is the best and only correct way to know if it is right.

This applies to the mount as well if needed, the choices are almost endless but when the right choice is made it all fits neatly together and will look like it was meant to be.

There are so many different types of natural woods, that frames can be made of  like Oak, Ash, Tulip, Beech and many more are very popular choices followed by finished woods mat or glossy, veneers like Walnut and Teak then you can have traditional imported swept frames from Italy and also modern aluminium and finally clear cast acrylic display cases.

In my experience the less fussy the frame the better, it does not distract the eye from the object being looked at, Blacks, Whites, Golds and Silvers are the most common but coloured woods finished in primary colours are becoming more common. What ever or wherever the frame setting is going to be we can make it work for you.

Clear Acrylic display cases are probably the best when you want to be able to see everything about the art being displayed cases can be made to almost any size and depth so you can even frame costumes, boots, football etc.
We have many glazing options and can match your existing glass, what ever it is from standard float glass to UV protective and invisible Museum glass

We can supply any type of frame in any finish you desire, we hand stain and wax natural wood to match furniture or what ever your need. We can make sets of frames to a budget if need be.

Frame types; we make every type and size of frame, from Post card sized to Oversize. From Square to Panoramic. Ovals and Circular frames, Deep frames, Box frames, Poster frames and even  3 D frames for complex shaped objects.

We frame Canvas, Cross Stitch, Tapestries, Wall Hangings, Scarves, Hats, Fans, anything.
We can make sets of frames and match frames to existing ones.We can make frames for the Home , Office or Garden. We sell Old London pictures and prints and maps as well.
Come in to see us and find out more!!

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