Staffords Gallery London -                BESPOKE ARTISAN FRAMERS

This page shows examples of recent work we have undertaken.please take a moment to view these lovely works and imagine what we could create for you.

Smart yet elegant hand made Picture Frame at Staffords gallery simple mat black frame for 3 photographs and company logo.Elegant triple window conservation mount with neat title box for Banks Logo.
This piece for Coutts Bank. 3 photographs window mounted and a neat title window for the Banks logo, all in Mat black straight edge frame.
Mount was signed by colleagues then framed.                                              

hand made at Staffords Gallery deep Box Frame front and side viewThis very deep Box frame was designed for Taiwanese Artist, Yunting Huang.The object was a incredibly delicate ceramic sculpture of an Orchid.
Yungting wanted to be able to see the scuplture from above as well as the front,so I built the box frame with an Acrylic window on top which also allowed much more light to enter the space and make the sculpture much brighter.Finished inside in a luxurious red velvet mount board. 

View of the hand made box frame from above at Staffords GalleryView from above through the Acrylic window, see how bright it is inside without damaging lighting.

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