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Our Mount Boards.
Like our Mouldings our Mount boards are supplied by ethical and keenly environmental suppliers, many suppliers have been involved in recycling paper and board, long before it was recognised as so important, by the main stream.

We obtain our boards from Arqadia, Britannia, Daler Rowney, Crescent,  Peterboro Museum Cotton, Nielsen Bainbridge and Colourmount.

The basic Mount or Mat board we stock is classified as Conservation, suitable for all purposes except the long term preservation of valuable items, for that we use 100 % Cotton Rag Board, rated as Museum Level by the F.A.T.G, the Fine Art Trade Guild.

We cut all Mounts by Hand form single window or aperture to multiple windows and Shadow mounts.

We can cut Circular and Oval mounts as well as V Grooves, Reverse Bevels, Fancy Corners and Curves.

Examples of Mounts.

White core conservation mount.
This is an extra thick white core conservation mount.

Black board with white core conservation mount.

This is an extra thick Black board with a white core conservation mount.

Museum quality 100% cotton board.
This is a Museum quality 100% cotton board, the colour is solid all the way through no face paper or back paper.

Red mount board window custom cut.
This is a typical Red mount board, many colours are available with white cores and black cores, Museum coloured boards are solid colour all the way through.

two inch Green window mount

Colured boards are available in dozens of shades and tones to match or compliment your Art work.

two inch Blue window  mount board.
A blue mount board, like all colours there are many shades to choose from.

Solid black black core conservation board.
Sometimes a black with a black core looks very impressive, focusing the eye on the image.

Chevron mount board display.

Here you may see many boards cut in to chevrons samples.

This is a circular mount. may be cut to any size.

this is a circular mount, circles may be cut to any size and for any purpose you might need.

this is an oval mount.

Oval mounts can look really good on family portraits, photographs and even when framing 3D objects. 

 This is a double mount.

This is a double mount one mount on top of another adds depth and interest can look extra special.

Red and white double mount.
Double mount Red and White, double mounts may help bring out a colour in the art work, may be used to match colours in logo's etc often used with Sports memorabilia ie Football colours.

 This is a Double mount.
Double mounts may be used on all types of artwork and photography, often used when framing newspaper and magazine articles.

Dry Mounting.

We can dry mount using either a Hot Press vacuum dry mounting machine or self adhesive boards. The choice depends upon how the material to be mounted reacts to heat and or pressure. 

Valuable or Original work is NEVER dry mounted.

Work for exhibition or display is usually dry mounted to enhance appearance and improve strength and durability.

Dibond aluminium and polystyrene laminate material is becoming cheaper and more popular, especially for the display of photography. At present we do not offer this service as we do not have the special machines to cut the Dibond and to cold press the boards, however we may invest in this equipment shortly.

Examples of 5mm foam board Black and White very light weight, yet rigid.
Foam board comes in 3mm, 5mm, 10mm thickness and board sizes up to super jumbo which is 1220mm x 2440m in 5mm and an even bigger board 1530mm x 3050mm in 10mm thickness.

Black and  White foam board for display and dry mounting.
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