Staffords Gallery London -                BESPOKE ARTISAN FRAMERS

Special Glass and Glazing.

We offer the finest Glass and Optically correct Acrylic / Styrene glazing.
The very best non reflective and UV absorbing glass,Water White Full UV Absorption at staggering 99% better than is recommended by Museums.

Tru Vue UV a less expensive but still very effective UV block at 95%.

Styrene and Acrylic both available with Non Reflective finish and UV protection.

And standard picture glass 2mm Float very clear and distortion free.

All glass is finished by hand with a Diamond Pad to remove any sharp edges for ease of handling.
Laminated glazing up to 10 mm thick incredibly strong and shatter resistant as used by the V and A,the NPG and many other Galleries and Museums.

We will also cut Glass and Styrene / Acrylic to any size and shape for Artists, Crafters Modelers, Engineers.

See below three photographs from left to right, Standard Glass, Museum Glass and Diffused Glass. Note how clear the museum glass is and how even the diffused still reflects light etc. For the vast majority of framing, standard float glass is acceptable.
For those who may find reflections an impediment to pleasant viewing,it was always traditional to use Diffused Glass but times are a changing and technology has made Anti Reflection Glass possible, it reflects <1% that is less than one Percent of light is reflected to you, giving a clear view. If you look carefully you can clearly see the edges of the glass sheets, just to prove that it is genuine. 

In addition to Anti - Reflection Glass it is possible to add full UV protection to extend the life of Artwork far beyond the norm while allowing it to be seen every day and not kept locked away. Most of the UV Protection Glass we use is rated at  99% UV absorption.

Standard  float glass as used by most picture framers
Museum glass UV Anti-Reflective glass based on water white substrate.
Diffused glass acid etched or sand blown old style of reduced reflective glass.  

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