Staffords Gallery London -                BESPOKE ARTISAN FRAMERS

Recent work.

very large hand made Box frame for Henley Regatta Badges at staffords GalleryA serious collector of Henley Regatta Badges asked me to design a suitable frame for these many Badges. You can see there are spaces for the those badges yet to be acquired, the great thing about this frame is that the back opens so that the badges may easily be added to the frame by the collector. Solid Ash painted Black frame.

Solid Ash hand made  frame and shadow mounted objects at Staffords GalleryThis was a pleasant job for a major charity.Box frame and shadow mount for OBE,case as well as presentation letter.The frame was made of solid Ash painted black, with a good grain effect.

Very large deep Box frame in polished walnut with multiple window mounts for items from Bletchley Park circa 1941- 1945
This was a very complicated job, many many items from Bletchley and the 2nd World War.All to be displayed for easy viewing in a beautiful polished walnut frame. My pint mug lets you see how big the frame was. When the customer saw the finished job he could not contain his admiration for the piece. Multiple window mounts, invisible fixings and a very deep box frame to boot.

Multiple Picture framing job for Gant's Flagship Regent Street Shop. hand made PICTURE framesApproached by Gant's interior designers we provided 40 silkscreen prints to decorate their Flagship Regent Street store. All Double mounted and many shadow mounted too, many different styles of frames to add interest to the display, we also provided framed prints for their Edinburgh store.
another group of hand made PICTURE framed prints for the Gant store Regent Street supplied and made by Staffords Gallery

More framed prints for Gant's Regent Street store.

  3 Holiday bought canvases neatly stretched and ready to hang.

  side view neat and tidy stretched canvas, could you ask for more.

Fun cycle shirt print ivory mount simple black frame
  I have framed this popular print a few times, on this occasion with a simple ivory mount and a basic black frame.

UAL students work 3D frames in deep Oak with fillets.Double mount off white and solid black, black frame for Vanessa Redgrave
Bare naturaL wood frames for poet / artist. 7.5cms  3"wide moulding 16 " 40.8 cms square
same frames just showing the face, beautiful.
2 of the plain wood frames from above now finished
These are 2 of the plain wood frames from above now hand finished gesso and then hand written text and stained for effect, long job but worth it for the poet.
19 may 2013
Original 1930's USA Chaps framed in deep weathered hand finished frame.
  Early 20th Century Chaps owned and worn 
by the famous Will Rogers. Massive Box frame 150 x 125 hand finished in distressed wood to resemble weather beaten timber and stained very dark brown, no glue or other permanent fixings used to hold the Chaps in place.

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