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What is this page about?

Simple advice for students.

Working with Made In Arts London and with students from The University of Arts London enables them to seek free help and advice regarding the display of their art regardless of materials and methods used. From Analogue to Digital from Print to Paint, Sculpture, Installation and so on.

Any Student may contact me, Stafford Crombie or Kate Rintoul of Made in Arts London if that is easier on any point or issue I am always willing to give advice.

Like wise if any students or staff wish to contribute to this page please do contact me.

So here we go.

1: If you are planning a show of your work please consider how you are going to show it.
What methods are available and which might be the best for you. do not leave this part of your effort to the last moment, plan ahead so that you do not rush it.

2: Works on any kind of paper, including photography and digital prints need to be framed to protect them and enable proper viewing of the work.
This need not be expensive, any student may contact me and receive the special discount arranged by kate Rintoul and MADE IN ARTS lONDON.

3: Services I can offer to Art Students or for that matter any Student.
Sourcing materials you cannot buy in Art Supply Shops. 
Dry Mounting onto Foam Boards or other types of Boards, Materials.
Over Lamination and Heat Sealing. 
Mount Cutting, Rectangles, Squares, Ovals and Circles, Diamonds etc.
Multi Window Mounts, Deep Mounts, shadow Mounting and 3D Box Frames.
Acrylic Domes, Double Sided Frames and Floating Art between 2 sheets of Glass or other Glazing. Stretching all types of Canvas, including Digital Art Canvas.
Printing up to A2 probably cheaper than anywhere else in London.
Repairs to Damaged Artworks on Paper, Canvas, Boards, Wood etc, Sculptures, Bronzes, Ceramics, Glass, some work not undertaken here but by Professionals.

4: Promoting your Art on my web site.

If I think of anything more I will add it to the above, please contact me if you need something different or special.
 I have completed a large series of framed works and have a quantity of clean 5mm thick Foam Board in various sheets etc, free to any students who want them.

Please use this form to contact me if you wish.
Your Query
please date your query this will help when things get busy.
Thank you. Stafford Crombie, Staffords Gallery.

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