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Framing Words.

Technical terms explained.

If you have ever wondered what a framer is talking about, here I hope to provide you with some answers, it really is not that complicated so lets begin with a listing of common terms or words used in every day framing.

Mount: There are two meanings in UK English for Mount, the most common is the bevel edge cut mount board that acts as a border around an image keeping the glass off the work. Mounts may be single window or multiple and may be stacked for double or treble mounts.Mount boards range from budget through to Conservation and on to Museum boards made of cotton.

The other is the means of attaching or hinging a work of art to a back board, this has to be done very carefully so that it does not damage the piece and at Museum level must be fully reversible.

Moulding: This means the material used to construct the frame, commonly wood but lately more popular is aluminium and clear cast acrylic, the latter looks very modern

and can be used to frame garments and large 3D objects as well as photography.

Glazing: Float glass, UV glass, Anti-reflective glass and sheet acrylic. Glazing comes in many different thickness from 1.25mm to 10mm and has many different properties depending upon the need of the customer, for everyday use choose float glass but if you have something special, precious or you wish to be able to see it very clearly got for Museum glazing at less than 1% reflection almost invisible.