Staffords Gallery London -                BESPOKE ARTISAN FRAMERS
Our Top Quality machinery used for cutting, assembling and finishing farming work.

Unlike most framers and frame makers we still make all are wooden frames by hand.
Therefore even if you need a number of Identical frames there will be small differences, these differences are not errors or faults but the normal and acceptable variations when something is made by hand, the finest things in life are still made by hand, like shoes,clothes and bags. Quality always shows through when hand made.

The Mitre. 

The Mitre is the machine that cuts the wood moulding at a perfect 45 degree angle so that the sides may be joined as seamlessly as possible, two super sharp and super hard stainless steel blade cut the perfect join, my machine is made by Morso Dan-List in Denmark and is the very best mitring machine money can buy see the two photographs below.

Mitring machine cutting wide moulding, perfect,clean and sharp frames

mitring machine view from front.

The Underpinner.

The next machine is the Alfamacchine Minigraf 44 underpinner.
Again one of the best underpinners money can buy, the underpinner is the machine tool that joins the cut wood pieces together with a clever V nail that helps pull and keep the two halves together, used with good quality wood glue, it makes a strong, reliable join.

Minigraf 44 one of the best underpinners

The Mount Cutter.

And this is my huge mount cutter, the largest manual mount cutter you can buy,made by Keencut of both the UK and USA, this machine is called the Ultimat and that very appropo. Single mounts, double, triple, V groves, notched corners, the things that can be done are endless.

Small single window mount cut to show how sharp and straight it cuts..

My Ultimat 62

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